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DC-Based Group Has Already Spent More Advertising For Robinson Than Robinson


DeFazio Fights To Shine Light On "Shadowy" Special Interests Attempting to Buy Art Robinson a Congressional Seat

Video of Story & Visit on Huffington Post

EUGENE (OR) -- Yesterday, Rep. Peter DeFazio went to the offices of "Concerned Taxpayers of America (CTA)," -- a political shell group currently running an attack ad against DeFazio on television -- in an attempt to find out who is behind this current media blitz.

In his letter (attached) to CTA, DeFazio said, "Since you intend to try and buy Art Robinson a congressional seat, by raising and spending 'unlimited amounts of money,' the voters of Oregon are entitled to know who is picking up the tab."

A video link and story of his visit was posted on the Huffington Post's website at Huffington Post

"Oregon is an open government state, I don't think Oregonians are going to let these secret entities hiding behind anonymity influence the outcome of our elections," DeFazio added. "We already know Art Robinson has taken thousands of dollars from people with ties to Wall Street, the financial industry, and big oil so it's easy to assume they are paying for these ads because they know he will do their bidding if he's elected," DeFazio added.

The Huffington Post story stated, “DeFazio believes that more politicians should be confronting these groups face-to-face." DeFazio intends to keep pressing CTA to publicly release the names of its donors so Oregonians full disclosure on who is funding this advertisement.

CTA ADVERTISEMENT On Tuesday, September 21, CTA began running misleading television ads against DeFazio. CTA is a Washington, D.C. based group formed to "raise funds in unlimited amounts." The amounts raised and the sources of funding for the ads are totally undisclosed. No disclosure of sources or amounts is required under Citizens United. This is the first time one of these new national organization has attempted to dump special interest money into an Oregon congressional race in an attempt to influence the outcome of the race.

The Register Guard editorialized against this advertisement this week saying, “The ad tying DeFazio to Pelosi is a reach," they went on to note that, "Pelosi regards DeFazio as one of the least loyal members of her caucus . . . But the Concerned Taxpayers of America, whoever they are, understand that Pelosi is less popular than DeFazio in the 4th District, so the ads make them out to be political twins." The complete editorial can be found at Register Guard: Political Sniper Fire

AD FACT CHECK The ad attempts to link DeFazio to key policies supported by leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives. However, according to the non-partisan National Journal, DeFazio votes with his leadership only 61 percent of the time. And he voted against his leaders' on key policies including the Wall Street bailout, the Stimulus bill, and cap and trade energy legislation.

DeFazio was even famously chided by President Obama in a House Caucus meeting last April, telling DeFazio, “Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother,” in reference to his no vote on stimulus legislation.

And last March Politico, a Capitol Hill newspaper, reported that DeFazio was number six on Speaker Pelosi's "enemies list," due to his opposition to the "stimulus" bill, and cap and trade energy legislation.

And DeFazio was the first Democrat to call on President Obama to fire his economic team, led by Tim Geithner and Larry Summers, both of whom have ties to Wall Street and supported many of the policies that led to the economic collapse. Last November, he said on the Ed Schultz show, "We may have to sacrifice just two more jobs to get millions back for hard working Americans."


Posted on September 27, 2010 in Press Releases.

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