Peter DeFazio for Congress, Oregon's 4th

We’ve known for a while that my opponent, Art Robinson, has some wacky ideas – but I think he really outdid himself this time. In his voter pamphlet statement, Robinson takes aim at our education system: “I know education,” he writes, “I know how to fix our nation’s schools.” (Says the guy who believes “the whole public school system is child abuse.”)

His solution:

“I will work to close DC schools” and “fire the union hacks and bureaucrats.” – Art Robinson

You can’t make this stuff up. If Art Robinson's first step to improve education is to shut down schools in DC, you can bet his next step would be to shut down public schools across our nation! This is the guy Trump’s biggest Wall Street supporter has spent millions to get elected. This is who we’re up against. Chip in now and let’s make sure his crazy idea never makes it to Washington, D.C.!

In Congress, I’m doing everything I can to ensure every child has access to quality public education. That means funding our schools, investing in our future, making college affordable, and making sure billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share.

We can do this: Chip in a donation right now and join me in fighting back against Art Robinson!


Posted on October 7, 2016.