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Peter DeFazio for Congress

A Republican attack ad, already?!

So it begins: On Thursday, House Republicans launched their offensive against me, taking to Twitter to spread misleading statistics on the Affordable Care Act.

They’re coming after me because I refuse to put profits over people. They're coming after me because I want to improve our nation's heath care system by lowering prescription drug prices, cut out Big Pharma, and create a public option so Americans can finally have a real choice. They're coming after me – only 114 days since the last election – because they know I won't stop fighting for my constituents and for the American people! For the past four elections, Wall Street billionaire and Republican super-donor Robert Mercer has tried to take me out – and every time, our grassroots energy won the day. And now the NRCC has joined the attack.

The board is set, the pieces are moving – and our movement is quick to respond. Immediately after the Republicans launched their attack, progressive activists fired back on Twitter:

What House Republicans are learning is that our movement is strong – and getting stronger every day. With your support, we’ll win with our progressive values and create an economy that works for all people – not just the billionaires.

Posted on March 5, 2017.