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Peter DeFazio for Congress

Tell Congress to stop Trump's attacks on immigrants.

Donald Trump’s attacks on immigrants are completely un-American.

Our country became a beacon of liberty to the world because we prohibited religious discrimination, established due process under the law, and provided refuge for those fleeing war and persecution. These values are what make America great – and Trump simply doesn’t get it.

We must take action to ensure our policies reflect these core values. Add your name right now to tell Congress to stop Trump’s attacks on immigrants and refugees!

The second he moved into the White House, Donald Trump rushed to sign an executive order to prevent Muslim travelers from entering the United States. What happened next was incredible: thousands of people protested at airports throughout the country to stand up for the rights of immigrants. Trump thought we would be dispirited and disorganized – but we are more energized than ever.

Thanks to our efforts, the courts have put a halt to Trump’s original Muslim ban, leaving the administration scrambling to put forward a revised executive order. While certain travelers are no longer affected, the concept remains the same: it’s a blatant attempt to discriminate against people for religious reasons  at U.S. borders. We must fight this with everything we’ve got.

Join me in standing up for our American values: Sign my petition right now to tell Congress to stop Trump’s extreme anti-immigrant agenda!

Posted on March 17, 2017.