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Peter DeFazio for Congress

They're putting profits over American lives

14 million. 21 million. 24 million. That's how many Americans would be uninsured by 2018, 2020, and 2026 under the GOP health care plan, compared to the Affordable Care Act. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office and Joint Committee on Taxation also reported that 5 million fewer people would be covered by Medicaid under the Republican plan by the end of next year! This is outrageous and I won't stand for it! 
The Affordable Care Act isn't perfect, but it has made huge improvements in healthcare access for all Americans. We need to improve and expand the ACA, not scrap the progress we've made!
The results speak for themselves: For the first time ever, 90 percent of Americans are insured; when a cancer patient receives chemo, they can no longer hit a lifetime cap on coverage; and women no longer pay more for receiving the same care. 
Despite its documented successes, the Republicans have been leading a relentless campaign to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. House Speaker Paul Ryan is now asking Congress to promptly pass the new GOP health care proposal – a disastrous piece of legislation which puts profits over people.
The Republicans’ plan contains innumerable flaws that put tens of millions at risk of losing health coverage, including a $274 billion tax cut for the wealthiest Americans. It deals a serious blow to seniors by charging them an “age tax,” slashes Medicaid, and allows price gouging by insurance providers and pharmaceutical companies. It also includes a provision to prevent funding of Planned Parenthood and blocks Medicaid recipients from using their insurance at Planned Parenthood clinics.
We must do everything we can to stop this proposal in its tracks. Join me in the fight for our health care: Add your name right now to tell Congress to reject the GOP health care plan!
Posted on March 23, 2017.