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Peter DeFazio for Congress

He bought himself a president. Now what?

After making a fortune on Wall Street, Robert Mercer bought himself a political empire.

After failing to oust me from Congress in the past four elections, Mercer set his sights higher, bankrolling Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign. When that didn’t work out, he moved his chips over to Donald Trump, taking him all the way to the White House. Robert Mercer bought himself a president – and yet he’s showing no signs of stopping his crusade to buy out our government and put profits over people.

First, he tried to take me out because I introduced a law to rein in the excesses of Wall Street. He did it by propping up my extreme right-wing opponent: Art Robinson, a bizarre biochemist who denies the science of climate change and believes carbon pollution is good for you. With our grassroots energy, we beat Mercer’s candidate but you can guarantee that he’ll be back again. He doesn’t seem to be slowing down but neither are we! 

Robert Mercer has Donald Trump’s ear and it’s not a coincidence that Art Robinson's name was floated to serve as a presidential science advisor. That’s right: the person advising Donald Trump on science and technology could be Art Robinson, a man who wants to roll back all regulations for the energy industry and suggested getting rid of nuclear waste by sprinkling it over our lands and waters. Has it really come to this?

Billionaires shouldn’t be able to buy elections or have more influence than their single vote.

I’m fighting back and I won’t slow down, regardless of how many millions Mercer spends against me. In Congress, I’m working every day to get big money out of politics, restore integrity to our democracy, and create a future where everyone can thrive – not just billionaires like Robert Mercer.

Posted on March 30, 2017.