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Peter DeFazio for Congress

Keep Marijuana Legal in Oregon

Three years ago, Oregonians elected to make marijuana legal for adults over 21, blazing the trail for a new approach.

Sadly, the Trump administration is hinting at a crack-down on states with legal marijuana. Sign my petition right now to defend Oregon’s right to regulate marijuana!

At a time when the Wall Street banksters who wrecked our economy continue to walk free, it’s disappointing to see Republicans focus on arresting responsible adults for using a legal substance. Here’s the thing: Oregonians have made their choice – and it’s up to us to defend the will of the voters.

Let’s make it happen: Add your name right now to tell Donald Trump to keep his hands off our legal marijuana!

Isn’t it strange how Republicans support states’ rights only when it advances policies they like? They love railing against big government to aid and abet the corporate elite – but when it comes to things that protect the rights of individuals, they see no problem with crushing state laws to impose their failed policies.

I’m fighting back. Join me: Sign my petition to tell Donald Trump to respect states’ right to reform their marijuana laws!

Posted on April 26, 2017.