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Peter DeFazio for Congress

Spraying children with cyanide?

Imagine taking your dog for a walk through a beautiful Oregon forest. Streams are flowing. Birds are chirping. Leaves crackle under your every step. What a lovely day to be outside.

Your loyal companion is running around just a few feet ahead of you – and suddenly collapses to the ground. This is a nightmare for any parent or pet guardian who enjoys the great outdoors and it’s happened to many Americans across the nation.

To control the population of predators, the Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services places explosive poison traps throughout America’s public lands. When triggered, these devices indiscriminately release lethal sodium cyanide – a serious threat to the health and safety of endangered wildlife, pets, and people (especially children).

That’s why I introduced legislation which is supported by the Humane Society and Predator Defense that would ban the use of these lethal poisons once and for all! Sign my petition to tell Wildlife Services to stop poisoning our pets, children, and wildlife!

To make the situation worse, Wildlife Services has a habit of failing to notify communities of the traps and their locations. (What could possibly go wrong?) Too many children, hikers, and pets have been endangered by these traps – and that’s why I’m fighting to end this reckless predator control program.

Join me: Add your name right now to tell Wildlife Services to stop leaving explosive cyanide traps on our public lands!

Posted on May 5, 2017.