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Peter DeFazio for Congress

An independent commission in pursuit of truth and justice

The firing of FBI Director James Comey is just the latest obstruction by the Trump administration of the investigation into Russia’s interference in our presidential election and ties to the Trump campaign.

We are still learning about troubling details surrounding Director Comey’s dismissal and the Comey memo which outlines that the president asked him to shut down the federal investigation of Trump’s former national security advisor (and registered foreign agent) Mike Flynn.

I welcome the news that the Justice Department has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate this matter and it's time that House Republicans do their part. Sign my petition right now to demand an independent commission to investigate Russian interference!

The American people want the truth, and by now it’s clear that we can’t rely on those within the administration to give us the answers we need and deserve. The dismissal of Comey has only strengthened my belief that we need a truly independent, unbiased, bipartisan investigation. In Congress, I’m doing my part to get the answers the American people deserve.

Posted on May 19, 2017.