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Peter DeFazio for Congress

Trump's absurd plan to privatize our skies

While the media’s attention has been focused on the Senate health care vote and staff turnover at the White House, here’s what’s flying under the radar: Donald Trump’s plan to privatize air traffic control.

You read that right. Donald Trump wants to hand over America’s air traffic control system and billions of dollars in public assets to a private corporation run by a board controlled by special interests.

Trump's plan would give a private corporation the power to tax the flying public, remove Congressional oversight, place safety at risk, and put airlines in the pilot seat when setting policy that governs access to our skies.

Over the past two years alone, our country has experienced more than 35 airline computer network outages, stranding millions of Americans and causing massive travel disruptions. Are we really suppose to believe the airlines, who are making huge profits but failing to maintain their own computer systems, will do a better job running our nation's air traffic control system?

Trump’s proposal would cause job loss, reduced service to small and midsize airports, and increased ticket prices for travelers. Plus, it does nothing to address airport infrastructure needs, or delays resulting from airlines' own operational problems.

In sum, it’s exactly the kind of “brilliant” plan you would expect from Donald Trump.

I believe in modernizing America’s infrastructure, not giving it away to private corporations. That’s why I’ve introduced a bill that would prevent Congress from playing politics with the Airport and Airway Trust Fund, would streamline the FAA's ability to procure modern ATC equipment and personnel, and modernize air traffic control facilities.

In Congress, I’ll keep working to ensure that we improve the safety and reliability of our transportation infrastructure for the benefit of all Americans, not corporate interests.


Posted on August 8, 2017.