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LTE: I applaud DeFazio's turn-around

I’m aghast at what happened in Las Vegas, more so because it was on the day of the second anniversary of the tragedy at Umpqua Community College.

Mass shootings remind us that it is critical we continue the conversation about enacting strong and effective gun regulations that will protect us from assault weapons, gun silencers, armor piercing bullets and weak gun laws that allow anyone to purchase and carry any firearm anywhere.

When Congressman Peter DeFazio held a town hall meeting in Florence, I questioned him about his position on the Hearing Protection Bill. He was one of four Democrats to co-sponsor the bill along with Rep. Greg Walden and 162 Republicans.

Now we have the Sportsman’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act before the House. This bill contains several NRA-backed provisions, including one to eliminate regulations for silencers. Silencers were not designed to protect hearing, but to disguise the sound of gunfire. With silencers, gunfire ­becomes much harder to identify, law enforcement’s ability to swiftly respond to shootings is impeded, and the number of casualties is significantly increased.

In the wake of last week’s tragedy, DeFazio rethought his position and rebuked the SHARE Act altogether. To his credit, he withdrew his co-sponsorship of the Hearing Protection Bill. In his speech before the House, he made some strong requests for gun violence review and legislation. I applaud and thank Congressman DeFazio for his courageous stand against gun violence and ask his constituents do the same.


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Posted on October 10, 2017.

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