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Sign the petition: Tell Donald Trump "No tax returns? No tax reform."

Donald Trump swears up and down that today's disastrous Republican tax plan won't benefit him or his family. He's said that the tax plan will make him a "big loser," but we know this isn't true. Trump hasn't released his tax returns but we do know some basics about his overall worth. Thanks to the "leaking" of his 2005 tax return, we know that Trump paid $38 million in taxes – $31 million due to the alternative minimum tax. One critical detail of the GOP tax plan is a complete repeal of this tax, saving Trump and other rich dodgers tens of millions of dollars.

Tell Congress: Force Donald Trump to release his tax returns!

Before the Senate votes on tax "reform” and gives away billions to the billionaires, while increasing taxes on the middle class, Americans deserve to know exactly how much Donald Trump and wealthy super PAC donors will personally benefit. Every president – of both parties – has voluntarily released multiple years of their tax returns for the last 40 years. Donald Trump should not be an exception. He's broken promise after promise to release his tax returns. Now is the time.

Sign the petition to demand that Trump release his tax returns before Congress passes tax cuts for billionaires!

Posted on November 16, 2017.

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