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Sign the petition: Tell Trump's FCC to protect net neutrality!

This Thursday, Donald Trump's FCC is planning to dismantle net neutrality, the set of rules that keeps the internet free and open for all of us.

If they succeed, giant telecom companies will be able to restrict your access to sites and services, then shake you (and the site) down for extra money just to restore service. They'll also be able to collect information about online browsing habits and sell it to the highest bidder.

Sign the petition: Demand that Trump's FCC protect net neutrality!

It's classic Trump: a tiny handful of obscenely rich people get richer, while the rest of us pay more to get treated worse.

Imagine what this would look like in other industries:

  • If you're out to dinner with friends, the restaurant would charge extra for your meal to arrive at the same time as everyone else's.

  • Theaters would charge a different price for each movie, depending on which studio paid the manager off.

  • Highways and freeways would cost a fortune, while the side roads remain free to use. If it sounds absurd, unfair, controlling, and downright outrageous, then you and I completely agree!

Join millions of voices all over the country and demand that the FCC to KEEP net neutrality!

Posted on December 12, 2017.

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