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My 100 percent rating from conservationists

The League of Conservation Voters just released their annual scorecard, and I'm proud to tell you that I earned a 100 percent rating!

I've fought against terrible bills that endanger public health.

I've fought against bills that undermine the EPA's ability to make decisions based on science.

And I'm going to keep fighting - not just to stop bad bills, but also to push for policies that protect our environment and reverse climate change.

Chip in so we can fight to protect the environment and meet our end-of-quarter goal.

If we're going to stop the Trump and GOP assault on science and the environment, then I'm going to need your help.


Posted on March 28, 2018.

As Independent as Oregon.

Peter DeFazio's common-sense proposals aim to create good-paying jobs, expand access to affordable health care and develop options outside of the for-profit marketplace, restore economic and educational opportunities, hold government accountable and tip the scales of inequality back in favor of hard-working Oregonians.

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