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Donald Trump's infrastructure bill is a scam, just like Trump University

For more than a year Trump has promised an infrastructure plan that would "build gleaming new roads, bridges, highways, railways, and waterways across our land."

Unfortunately, his plan doesn't even come close to funding our nation's urgent needs: crumbling bridges, neglected highways, aging transit systems, airports, and schools. And it guts bedrock environmental, clean water and clean air protections.

But we have seen prototypes of a billion dollar wall that will cut off our international partners and leave the U.S. in crippling debt for decades to come. Not to mention, easily scalable with a rope.

Chip in so we can fight for a 21st century infrastructure plan.

Donald Trump's infrastructure bill is a scam, just like Trump University.

His plan doesn't put Americans to work.

But it does put money in the pockets of Wall Street and foreign investors who will reap the benefits of toll roads, privatized rest areas, building contracts, and banking bonanzas.

Fixing infrastructure means building roads, bridges and transit systems, not lining pockets.

Apparently, Trump didn't get that memo.

Chip in to tell Trump and the GOP. "Go back to the drawing board. And work with Democrats while you're at it."


Posted on May 2, 2018.

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