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My friend Val Hoyle

The May 15th election matters, both up and down the ballot.

I'm sounding the alarm about an important election and I need your help. The race for Oregon's next Commissioner of Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) is getting tight and I'm asking you to vote for Val Hoyle.

It's likely that this race will be close on election night and every vote will make a difference. Share my Facebook post and spread the word!

I'm proud to endorse Val's race for BOLI because I know that she understands the experiences of both workers and small business owners. Val worked as a low-wage worker for most of her life and she understands what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck and knows the value of union representation. She's also supported by every labor union in the state, Planned Parenthood PAC, the Sierra Club, and Basic Rights Oregon.

I've known Val for a long time and have witnessed her determination to better the lives of all Oregonians. Val has a strong record of fighting for paid sick leave, major investments in public schools and infrastructure, and expanding workforce development programs so all Oregonians have access to the training they need to enter the workforce and earn a good living.

The race for BOLI is a non-partisan race but Val is the only Democrat on the ballot and the only candidate who will ensure that Oregon maintains its proud record of defending worker's rights, civil rights, and fighting discrimination.

I stand with Val and ask that you do too. Help ensure that she's our next BOLI by casting your vote in this critical race and casting your vote in this critical race, sharing this post on Facebook right now so your community knows how important this is, and help fund the final days of her campaign with a grassroots contribution.

Join me in marking your ballot for Val Hoyle for Bureau of Labor and Industries and be sure to turn it in by 8pm on May 15th.

Thanks for your support – it makes all of the difference.


Posted on May 4, 2018.

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