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Would they or wouldn't they? (Hint: why wouldn't they?)

Monday in Helsinki, Donald Trump shocked the world. He stood beside autocrat and adversary, Vladimir Putin, who directed an attack on our democratic elections, and shockingly discredited American intelligence agencies.

On the world stage, Trump had a chance to send a strong message that the U.S. will hold Russia accountable for an assault on our country, but instead, he chose Putin over America. The outrage could be heard around the world.

Despite the overwhelming evidence from U.S. intelligence agencies that Putin and Russia manipulated our 2016 elections, or the very detailed indictment by Special Counsel Robert Mueller of 12 Russian spies for breaking into Democratic National Committee servers and stealing files to attack our election process, Donald J. Trump publicly and defiantly sided with Putin, not U.S. law enforcement agencies or the American people.

He unequivocally said, "I don't see any reason why it WOULD be Russia." We all heard it plain as day.

We are watching. And counting the days until Donald Trump is held to account for his outrageous crimes against democracy.


Posted on July 18, 2018.

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