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Breaking news! It's time for Art Robinson to come clean.

Big news: on Friday, political operative W. Samuel Patten pled guilty to working as an unregistered foreign agent for Ukraine and funneling $50,000 of illegal foreign money to Donald Trump's presidential inaugural committee. U.S prosecutors believe that Patten's business partner, a Russian national, has ties to Russian intelligence.

Sam Patten's connection to Oregon and Art Robinson was revealed in a leaked selfie that Patten took with Robinson at Robinson's farm in Cave Junction. Patten worked in Oregon in 2014 for Cambridge Analytica, the corrupt data mining firm funded by Robert Mercer. In a self-published memo, Cambridge said that they "effectively managed [Robinson's] campaign in its entirety."

But, in March, when the Washington Post, Willamette Week, and Roseburg News-Review interviewed him about his engagement with Cambridge Analytica, Robinson said nothing about Patten's visit to Cave Junction, Oregon. Furthermore, Robinson told the Willamette Week, "Cambridge Analytica didn't manage work for us, they did political targeting." Even after the world learned about the illegal Facebook data breach, Robinson told the Roseburg News-Review that his campaign worked with Cambridge Analytica but that he didn't, "feel any qualms about what we did, because it was perfectly above-board."

I have a LOT of qualms about Art Robinson's activity and I'm sure you do, too. He's never fully explained the extent of his relationship with Cambridge Analytica, how deeply the company was involved in his 2014 campaign, or his relationship to company's primary funder, Robert Mercer, or to Samuel Patten.

There are so many bad actors in Robinson's orbit. Oregonians deserve the truth. It's time for Art Robinson to come clean.


p.s. Yes, it's as unbelievable as it sounds. Here's what Art had to say. And here's the proof of payment.

Posted on September 4, 2018.

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