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She steps up. Every time.

Let me tell you about my friend, Katie Hill.

Katie is the Democratic nominee for the 25th Congressional District in California. She's lived there her whole life, in fact. Katie has dedicated her life to public service in her community and, like so many of her neighbors, she's tired of the dysfunction in Washington.

Katie grew up in a middle-class family as the daughter of a nurse and a police officer—and she knows that working men and women are struggling because wages aren't keeping pace with the cost of living.

So she's doing what she's always done when her community needs her; she's stepping up.

Contribute to send Katie to Washington as a member of the Democratic majority in November.

Katie is the perfect candidate for the seat, and someone I know will end politics as usual and make a difference in Washington.

But she's facing incumbent Steve Knight, who is backed by a network of special interests willing to do anything to preserve the status quo.

It's is a tough race, and we all know that Republicans will spend any amount and tell any lie to hold onto their power in Washington.

That's why Katie's counting on grassroots supporters like you. Chip in now to make sure Katie's got what she needs to fight back!

The 25th is one of those rare districts you hear about in the news: a district Hillary won but is represented by a Republican in Congress. That means Katie's race is a key battle in the fight to flip the House from Red to Blue.

Stand with me and support Katie's campaign to flip this red seat to blue!


Posted on October 12, 2018.

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