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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Sunday, October 21, 2018
Media Contact: Carly Gabrielson
541-953-4744 or [email protected]

(Eugene, Ore.) — A formatting error on the Coos County General Election ballot resulted in Congressman Peter DeFazio’s name printed in a condensed font smaller than all other candidates on the ballot. DeFazio’s three political party nominations, the Democratic Party, the Independent Party, and the Working Families Party also appear smaller and in condensed font.

DeFazio’s campaign was alerted of the error when voters began calling his campaign office on Friday. Voters across the political spectrum, Republicans, Democrats, and third party registrants expressed concern that DeFazio’s name and nominations are difficult to read.

DeFazio’s campaign manager, Carly Gabrielson, contacted the Secretary of State’s office and Coos County Elections Clerk to convey the issue and learned that the ballot error impacted all 44,867 ballots in Coos County.

“I’m gravely concerned that major segments of the electorate in Coos County will be unable to clearly make out Peter DeFazio’s name and nominations. It’s important for voters to know that Peter DeFazio is indeed on the ballot, albeit in a smaller typeset”, said Ms. Gabrielson. “We understand that this unfortunate error was caused due to a formatting issue. It was not done in malice or for political reasons. We are focused on ensuring that voters in Coos County have accurate information and equal access to ballot details.”

Posted on October 21, 2018 in Press Releases.

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