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This doctor can help cure Washington

With every passing day, more Americans reject the Republican agenda of cruelty and cronyism. And rather than change their plans, Republicans just sling more mud.

East of Seattle, political newcomer Dr. Kim Schrier is getting a full dose of dirty tricks from her backroom-dealing Republican opponent in her quest to flip Washington's 8th District.

The good news is that her high-road approach and progressive attitude have put her in a dead heat with shady right-wing extremist and Wall Street apologist Dino Rossi.

Sadly, that just means dirtier tricks coming soon.

Let's help Kim Schrier, another one of the superior candidates I've been telling you about who will help us turn the House BLUE in November.

While Dino Rossi has vowed to take health care away from people and strip away protections for pre-existing conditions, Kim is a practicing pediatrician who's actually cared for some of the kids and families in her district. Now, she going to fight for them on Capitol Hill.

Dr. Schrier is also a diabetic who knows firsthand about the problems facing someone with a pre-existing condition. She understands the quality of life. She'll fight for affordable health care, defending Medicare and Social Security, improving public education, and protecting the environment.

Dr. Kim Schrier is exactly the kind of person we want in the U.S. House of Representatives. Please join me in helping make sure she gets there.


Posted on October 27, 2018.

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