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These Young Democrats are a force for change!

I want to tell you about an incredible group of young people who have been working tirelessly to elect Democrats in Oregon and across the country.

The Young Democrats of Lane County have been volunteering from my 2018 field office in Eugene to help win back the U.S. House of Representatives.

Most of these Young Democrats have yet to reach voting age, but they've been calling, knocking on doors, texting, and reminding folks why it's so important to exercise their right to vote. They are campaigning for Red to Blue candidates Kim Schrier (WA-08), Mike Levin (CA-49), Gina Ortiz Jones (TX-23), Katie Hill (CA-25), Aftab Pureval (OH-01) , Abby Finkenauer (IA-01) and many more Democratic candidates across Oregon.

What's even better? They don't plan to slow down after November 6th. In fact, these young people plan to remain active, open an office, and start working on the 2020 election.

This is exactly what our country needs!

Help this group of Young Democrats make a big impact in 2020 by donating $20.20! Your contribution will go directly these young world changers and help them expand their reach.

Our goal is $5,000 – and I believe in these young people so much that I will match your donation dollar-for-dollar!

Chip in today and help ensure they have the funding to rent office space and work for the change this country desperately needs. This group of young people understands that the decisions elected leaders make now will have a direct impact on their lives for decades. They've realized that grassroots organizing can have a powerful, positive impact, and they're not stopping. With your help, they'll remain a force for change long past the November election. Please chip in now!


Posted on November 5, 2018.

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