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This is a badge of honor

This is an actual tweet, by an actual person, who Republicans actually take seriously:

This guy's claim is important for two reasons, neither of which is that he missed my point.

First, it tells us exactly how hard climate change deniers will work to avoid admitting they're wrong. It's clear that some people – like, say, the president – are determined not to face facts.

Second, it's made me wonder why I seem to attract the most, pro-pollution science-haters in America. We've only just defeated Art Robinson, who believes climate change isn't real and we'd all be better off if we were exposed to nuclear waste. And now this guy shows up, hoping we can make Earth more like Venus.

So, what do we do?

We push forward. As hard as we can, and on all fronts.

That means passing bold measures in Congress tackling the climate crisis head-on. And with the fierce new generation of climate champions joining us in the House, I'm confident we'll work with more urgency than ever.

It also means using the justice system. In one of the most exciting cases in the courts right now, youth advocates in Oregon from Our Children's Trust are arguing that we have a duty to protect future generations from the well-documented dangers of burning fossil fuels. They're seeking a court order to stop government subsidies to the fossil fuel industry and create a plan to stop climate change.

That sounds great to me.

I am looking forward to working with our energetic new Democratic majority to step up the fight in the new year.

Thanks for fighting with me,


Posted on December 26, 2018.

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