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My guest at the State of the Union

Our country is still reeling from Trump's government shutdown – the longest and most devastating in our history. All because he wants Americans to foot the bill for his wall – a waste of money and resources that experts on both sides of the aisle agree will do nothing to make our country safer.

For over a month during the busy holiday season, Trump jeopardized the safety of our airlines. He abandoned our national parks and monuments, and allowed them to be severely damaged and trashed.

He put the food we provide for our families at risk of contamination. He stretched federal law enforcement resources to the breaking point.

Throughout Trump's shutdown, federal workers showed up for their country and worked to ensure that all of us remained safe.

That's why I invited Coast Guard Master Chief Petty Officer Jason Vanderhaden as my guest to the State of the Union address. He represented the thousands of brave men and women who protect our nation's waterways every day – even when they weren't being paid.

Unfortunately, President Trump announced he would continue his relentless pursuit of funding for a wall along the southern border. We need to invest in real 21st century security, not a medieval wall!

We need strategic, evidence-based investments in our ports of entry and our maritime borders that will allow us to prevent drug, human, and weapons smuggling, deter people who attempt to illegally enter the United States, deport those who commit crimes, and regain control of our borders.

Donald Trump hasn't learned anything, and even after the misery of last month's shutdown, he's again willing to risk our health and security to satisfy his own ego.

You can guarantee that I'll be doing everything in my power to find solutions and stand with federal workers.


Posted on February 7, 2019.

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