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Well, he sure didn't wait too long

Art Robinson just announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for Oregon's Fourth Congressional District in 2020. And once again, he'll likely have the financial backing of his shadowy funder, Wall Street billionaire Robert Mercer.

In 2010, Mercer gave me the honor of being the first Member of Congress attacked by a super PAC. Since then, he's spent millions of dollars to defeat me and elect Art Robinson to Congress.

Time and time again, you've stood with me because your vote can't be bought by corporate manipulation. I'm counting on you to stand with me once again. Please chip in now!

This will be Art's sixth time running against me for a seat in Congress. Oregonians have expressed their priorities at the ballot box and rejected Robinson's bizarre and dangerous platform every time.

Art thinks that "the whole public school system is child abuse."

Oregonians don't agree!

Art believes that Wall Street billionaires deserve huge tax cuts, and that Social Security "needs to be ended."

We don't believe that, either.

Art thinks that climate science is a "false religion," and that more greenhouse gases will lead to "a host of beneficial effects" for humanity.

Oregonians know that climate change is real and is impacting our environment and economy!

Nevertheless, Art is taking his crackpot views out for another spin.

With your support, I'll be ready for Mercer and Art Robinson in 2020. Contribute $3 now to build the movement!

Thanks for standing with me,


Posted on March 5, 2019.

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