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A 21st Century Transportation System

Our nation's infrastructure has a critical impact on our daily lives, our environment, and our economy. Yet, it hasn't been updated since the Eisenhower era and is in dire need of repair.

It's time to rebuild our roads, bridges, and highways while bringing our country's transportation system into the 21st century.

For years, I've pushed for a long-term infrastructure bill that includes sustainable funding. Now, as the Chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I'm determined to make it happen.

I've been traveling the country to support newly elected progressive House Members and exploring transportation technology like automated vehicles and the Virgin Hyperloop One project. We must rebuild our infrastructure system to move away from fossil fuels, to utilize growing renewable sources of energy, and to create jobs in the growing green energy economy.

Recently, I joined other Democratic leaders in a meeting with the president to discuss transportation investment and we agreed on a $2 trillion infrastructure package to get it done.

But already, Republicans in Congress are trying to undercut the agreement.

Our tax dollars should be funding a 21st-century transportation network including resilient carbon-neutral infrastructure that withstands our changing climate! We can and we must build a future that is safe, efficient, and reduces our impact on the environment.

You can be sure I won't stop until all of our communities are safe, modern, and standing strong.


Posted on May 14, 2019.

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