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"Best Elected Official"

The results are in!

This year, at The Register-Guard's 11th annual Readers' Choice Awards, I was honored to be named 1st place for Best Elected Official.

In today's political climate where Wall Street billionaires and big polluters are doing everything they can to call the shots, it's truly humbling to know that Oregonians trust me to fight for them in Congress.

I took office to represent the people of Oregon's 4th Congressional District. To protect reproductive rights and access to abortion for all. To guarantee access to health care for all Americans, not just the privileged elite. To fight climate change so future generations can have a clean, healthy planet to call home.

Right now, it's more important than ever to stand up for what's right and fight for bold, progressive policies that benefit everyone in this country. Help me fuel the fight in 2020 by donating right now.

My outspoken work over the years has earned me some powerful enemies, like Wall Street billionaire Robert Mercer, but I won't back down in the face of big money super PAC threats. You can guarantee that I'll always fight on the side of the people!

When they run ads attacking me, or fund right-wing extremists to run against me, it shows me that I'm making real progress. I know that my grassroots supporters will be by my side, step up, and protect this seat in the House of Representatives.


Posted on May 31, 2019.

As Independent as Oregon.

Peter DeFazio's common-sense proposals aim to create good-paying jobs, expand access to affordable health care and develop options outside of the for-profit marketplace, restore economic and educational opportunities, hold government accountable and tip the scales of inequality back in favor of hard-working Oregonians.

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