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Some great news for our coasts and wildlife!

Oregon is home to range of ecologically diverse environments and strikingly beautiful landscapes. From the high desert plateau of central and eastern Oregon, to the towering volcanic peaks and mountain lakes of the Cascades, to the lush rain forests of the coastal range, Oregon is a national treasure.

Yesterday we celebrated World Environment Day, and I am proud to have introduced three bills that were included in the most sweeping public lands bill in a decade, protecting over 1.3 million acres of our most precious public lands across the nation.

In Oregon, I've personally hiked through the 35,500 acres of old growth that has been protected as part of the new Devil's Staircase Wilderness, and paddled, fished and swam in many of the many of the 250 miles of wild rivers that are now permanently protected from mining, logging, and road construction.

In Oregon, this means critical watersheds have been protected that provide our communities clean drinking water, provide endangered salmon and steelhead critical habitat, and provide our incredible craft brewers the water they need to make incredible tasting beer!

I will continue to do all I can to preserve and protect our nation's natural heritage and fight for the future of our natural world by addressing the existential threat of climate change.

Thanks for standing with me,


Posted on June 6, 2019.

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