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Add your name: Protect LGBTQIA+ rights!

This month is the 50th LGBTQIA+ Pride Month. And while there's a lot to celebrate, we've got a long way to go in the fight for equal justice for all people under the law.

In fact, federal law still doesn't protect members of the LGBTQIA+ community from discrimination in our country.

That means it's still potentially legal in 30 states to deny someone housing (or public services, or a job, or a wedding cake, or a million other things) based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. That's not just wrong. It shouldn't be happening in the United States of America.

The House has already passed a bill to guarantee LGBTQIA+ rights. But once again, Mitch McConnell isn't letting the Senate take any action at all.

Sign the petition: Tell the Senate to pass LGBTQIA+ protections!

I've fought on the side of equal rights and equality for decades, and I'm proud of my record:

In 1996, I was only one of 67 Members of the House willing to vote against the so-called Defense of Marriage Act.

In 2015, when marriage equality was finally achieved, I was proud to sign an amicus brief supporting marriage equality along with 210 of my colleagues in Congress.

And now I'm a co-sponsor of the Equality Act, which would expand the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to prohibit discrimination on the bases of sexual orientation and gender identity.

I stand with our LGBTQIA+ community members, and I will continue to fight – for as long as it takes – for equal treatment for all Americans.

Add your name to tell the Senate "All people deserve protection from discrimination! Defend LGBTQIA+ rights!"

Thank you for standing with me, and for standing with our LGBTQIA+ community members. It makes all of the difference.


Posted on June 13, 2019.

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