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Today, on World Refugee Day, I'm thinking about the hundreds of thousands of world citizens who have turned to the United States of America for protection and to build a better future.

Our country is a beacon of liberty to the world because we prohibit religious discrimination, protect due process under the law, and provide a safe refuge for those fleeing persecution and war.

However, in recent years, these values have been under attack. Since the day he launched his campaign for the White House, President Trump has attacked refugees and immigrants and the values and institutions we all hold dear.

It's our duty to be vigilant and stand up to defend our core values. You can guarantee that I'll continue to speak out and fight in Congress for policies that continue to make America a safe harbor for all refugees.

Happy World Refugee Day.


#WorldRefugeeDay #IStandWithRefugees #AChildIsAChild

Posted on June 20, 2019.

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