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The future of transportation

I recently got the chance to tour a hyperloop project in Las Vegas and one thing was abundantly clear: we have the technology to jumpstart a green transportation revolution.

Hyperloops use the most efficient components of rail and air travel and modernizes it to minimize carbon emissions as it propels passengers and freight through a vacuum steel tube at over 300 meters per second.

Hyperloop projects similar to this one are already underway in India, the Middle East, and Europe. But here at home, Big Oil lobbyists and their puppets in Congress (and the White House) are fighting environmental progress every step of the way.

Join our movement to fight for projects like the Hyperloop and for a clean, green transportation infrastructure. Chip in now.

I've been clear for a long time that climate change is the most important issue impacting humanity and the place that we call home. And with transportation responsible for 15 percent of manmade carbon emissions, it's no exaggeration to say that our future depends on our ability to take bold steps.

We need action right now. We need innovative projects - like a transportation system that is efficient and reduces our carbon emissions. We need more investment in clean energy. And we need to stand up to corporate polluters who'll sell the future of humanity to pad their bottom lines.

That's why I won't back down in this fight until we've taken these bold steps to get to a more sustainable future.

Join me in the fight for a cleaner future by donating before our deadline at midnight tonight!


Posted on August 31, 2019.

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