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An impeachable offense

Yesterday, Speaker Pelosi – with my full support – announced that the House of Representatives would move forward with an official impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump.

President Trump proudly declared, and verified today through a transcript released by the White House that he asked the Ukrainian president to interfere in U.S. elections to benefit his campaign. This is an impeachable offense.

His shocking and brazen behavior marks a new level of betrayal of national security, our democracy, and the American people.

Moreover, recent reports reveal the president withheld congressionally-approved foreign aid to Ukraine to further pressure the nation to interfere in our elections on his behalf. The transcript released by the White House today supports this allegation. This is blackmail, a gross violation of presidential power and also an impeachable offense.

It's important to note that the purpose of the financial assistance – which is widely supported by Democrats and Republicans – is to train and equip Ukrainian forces to defend their democratic republic from growing Russian aggression.

Congress must use all of its powers to get to the bottom of Trump's abuses of power. The law requires the Trump administration to release a whistleblower report that sheds light on these abuses, as well as allow the whistleblower to testify before Congress.

Investigating a corrupt president isn't something I take lightly, especially when our national security and democracy are at risk. As I stated earlier in the year when I voiced my strong support for an official impeachment inquiry, it is the constitutional duty of Congress to make certain that the investigation is careful and thorough. The American people deserve to know the truth about Donald Trump's self-serving and illegal behavior.

These are dark times. Stay strong, stay in the fight, and know that I'm fighting for you in Washington D.C.

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Posted on September 25, 2019.

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