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Yesterday's critical vote

Last month, President Trump admitted and verified through a call summary released by the White House, that he asked the Ukrainian president to interfere in U.S. elections to benefit his campaign.

Moreover, recent testimony from administration officials and public verification from the White House Chief of Staff revealed the president withheld congressionally-approved foreign aid to Ukraine to further pressure the nation to interfere in our elections on his behalf. These are impeachable offenses.

That's a disgraceful abuse of power. His grave actions threaten our national security and the foundation of our democracy.

Yesterday, I voted in favor of a resolution that establishes the next phase in the House impeachment inquiry to include continued participation of the majority and minority – as has been the case from the beginning – open hearings, transfer of evidence to the Judiciary Committee as it prepares articles of impeachment and due process for the president.

Democrats are committed to a thoughtful and thorough process because the American people deserve to know the truth about Donald Trump's self-serving, illegal behavior and abuse of power. The integrity of our national security and the health of our representational democracy depend on it.


Posted on November 1, 2019.

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