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A Green New Deal for housing

I'm sure you've heard that I am an original cosponsor of the Green New Deal Resolution, which sets critical framework and a roadmap to achieving a future with a thriving, healthy planet, free from fossil fuel consumption, with green jobs that pay a living wage. We can take bold action to address climate change and utilize technology and innovation to move the U.S. toward a clean energy future that will boost our economy and create jobs.

Last week, I was proud to announce that I signed on as an original cosponsor of Senator Sanders and Representative Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal for Public Housing Act. Here's how it works.

Across America, federal housing is in dire need of substantive upgrades and this bill ensures that these upgrades move our country in the right direction: more energy efficient, green, and sustainable.

✔️Sustainable retrofits.

✔️Sustainable electricity.

✔️Reducing carbon emissions during the construction process.

Energy consumption in commercial and residential housing makes up nearly 40% of all energy in the U.S. We should take part in every opportunity to address climate change and its impacts on our planet. By making public housing more energy efficient and sustainable we can cut 5.6 billion tons of carbon emissions and create 240,000 jobs!

We have an opportunity to make strategic investments in our nation's infrastructure in the coming years that benefit the planet and the U.S. economy in terms of quality of life, job creation, safety, efficiency, and so much more.

I'm excited to be a leader in the movement to protect our planet and save our future!


Posted on November 26, 2019.

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