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This is not something I take lightly

Today, I, along with a majority of my colleagues in the House of Representatives, voted to impeach the president.

This is only the third time in our nation's history that a president has been impeached. That's not something I take lightly.

But when Trump asked the Ukrainian president to do him a favor and investigate his political rival, I had to take action to defend our Constitution and the foundation of our democracy.

I've read the full report from the Intelligence Committee and it's crystal clear: President Trump abused his power and violated his oath of office to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.

Moreover, testimony from his own administration officials confirmed the president withheld congressionally-approved foreign aid to Ukraine to further pressure the nation to interfere in our elections on his behalf. Even the White House Chief of Staff publicly admitted it.

These are disgraceful offenses. They're crimes. In fact, the House Judiciary Committee found Trump committed bribery and wire fraud. His despicable actions shatter the trust the American people place in our leaders. He must be held accountable, and impeachment is the only appropriate response.

Our work to hold Trump accountable doesn't end with the two Articles of Impeachment; this president has spent the last three years consistently, almost constantly, abusing the power of the presidency to elevate, indulge, and enrich himself and his family – regardless of the threats to our national security or the core values of our democracy.

And so, while the impeachment process is moving on to the Senate, as Chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I will continue the investigation into Trump's violation of the emoluments clause.

I will continue to issue and enforce Congressional subpoenas – even when I have to ask the courts to step in.

I will continue to investigate any conflicts of interest between the presidency and Trump's businesses.

We must continue to keep our eyes open, and not only because these issues could lead to further Articles of Impeachment; the integrity of our national security and the health of our democracy depend on it.



Posted on December 18, 2019.

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