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What's next for Juliana v. the United States

I am disappointed and outraged in the court's dismissal of the landmark case Juliana v. the United States brought by Our Children's Trust. Several of the young plaintiffs reside in my district. Their leadership in seeking legal action and showing the world that they will not stand idly by as our planet hurdles toward unsustainability makes me extremely proud and gives me hope. They are an inspiration and have already made a profound difference in the fight to boldly and aggressively address climate change.

Climate change is a global emergency that is happening now, and denying young people the kind of future that we should all be guaranteed under the Constitution is immoral. I fully support their appeal of this decision from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

I'm proud to have been an early supporter of the young world changers from Our Children's Trust and was one of seven Members of Congress to file a “friend of the court” brief to declare my strong support for their case. As Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, I am focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel consumption by implementing legislation to electrify the national highway system, provide greener transit options and require that federal buildings become net-zero.

The Juliana plaintiffs have played a major role in elevating the awareness of what is an existential threat to humanity. Because of them, our movement is the focus of millions of Americans and people across the world. They have my commitment to stand with them every step of the way. We will maintain the energy and passion and vote out climate change deniers in Congress and the White House this November!


Posted on January 19, 2020.

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