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Breaking News on Jordan Cove

I know that many in the Coos Bay community were hopeful that the Jordan Cove LNG project would lead to job creation and revitalize the economy on the South Coast. However, there are far better and more sustainable ways to bolster the local economy which is why I never supported the Jordan Cove project.

Today, the Jordan Cove Energy Project abruptly withdrew their application for key permits.

As Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I will soon be announcing the framework of my 21st-century infrastructure package to rebuild and remake our crumbling infrastructure and develop a transportation system that meets the needs of all communities — rural and urban, coastal and inland.

These investments will incorporate green infrastructure solutions that will improve resiliency, contribute to solving the climate crisis, transition our country away from fossil fuels, and will create millions of high-wage, family-supporting jobs. Climate change is an existential threat to humanity and I will continue to take bold steps to address it head-on.

As I work toward making the 21st-century infrastructure package a reality, I am committed to ensuring that Oregon's ports and harbors are maintained, that our jetties are rebuilt, that our waterways are dredged so maritime traffic can navigate safely, that our rail lines are maintained, that our fishing and tourism industries are supported, and that our Coast Guard is well-funded.

I will continue to work to develop opportunities for rural and coastal communities in Oregon and the hard-working people who live there. It is essential that they be a part of our renewable energy future.

You can read my full statement on Jordan Cove here.


Posted on January 24, 2020.

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