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Never a draft. Never again.

A military draft has not been used since the days of the Vietnam War – and at the time, it was a disaster. Now, we have an all-volunteer military, and no one is forced to go fight if they don't want to.

But the draft could come back because the system that enables it was never eliminated. To this day, the Selective Service System – also known as the military draft registration system – forces all men aged 18-25 to register for a military draft and subjects individuals who fail to register with severe lifetime penalties. This includes fines, denial of federal student loans, employment, job training, citizenship, and more.

It's also wasteful: It costs our taxpayers $25 million each year (that's more than half a billion dollars flushed away so far).

It's time to change that and close the door on a military draft once and for all.

Sign the petition: urge Congress to finally abolish the Select Service System in the United States.

Donald Trump has made it clear that he has no qualms about using our troops as political pawns for his personal benefit. Giving him the power to mandate military service would be tragic.

And while we debate war powers here in America, it's critically important to remind the world that the United States is a peaceful power, and that our citizens aren't going to be compelled to fight against their will.

That starts here, with us – with a movement to urge Congress to ensure a draft never again hangs over the heads of the American people.

End the Selective Service. Sign the petition.


Posted on March 10, 2020.

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