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I participated in a video forum with my colleague Senator Bernie Sanders, Dr. Cornel West, Reverend William J. Barber, II, and journalist Sonia Shah about COVID-19. We discussed the workers first protections in the Cares Act that recently passed Congress to provide urgently-needed relief for those hit hardest.

We also discuss the aviation provisions that I negotiated. In a historical first, airlines who utilize this financial relief must pass on the financial benefit directly to their workers. This means that the 2.3 million Americans who work for airlines-- those in baggage claim, customer service agents, flight attendants, IT workers, ground operations, and so many more-- will continue to remain employed, receive their salary, accrue benefits, AND stay on their employer’s healthcare plan. We’re also enforcing a cap on CEO and executive salaries and will not allow a penny of taxpayer dollars to go to share buybacks or stock dividends which only enrich Wall Street.

As Bernie stated, this should be a model for all workers in America. You can guarantee that we’ll continue to fight for action in Washington D.C. that provides support to working people– the backbone of our economy.

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Posted on April 1, 2020 in Videos.

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