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It's time to vote by mail

The novel coronavirus doesn't just threaten the health of our citizens; it threatens the health of our democracy.

Images from Tuesday's primary in Wisconsin are haunting; people lined up for blocks and blocks, risking their health so they could cast a ballot.

That's not how this country is supposed to work. No registered voter – regardless of political party – should be prevented from casting a ballot.

That's why we need nationwide vote-by-mail. Sign the petition to tell Congress: Implement national vote-by-mail now!

Americans shouldn't have to choose between exercising our constitutional right to vote and endangering our well-being.

This is critical for millions of people – seniors, Americans with compromised immune systems, people without health care – who deserve a voice and a vote, no matter what political party they belong to. It's also critical for folks on the front lines – doctors, nurses, biomedical researchers – who shouldn't be asked to leave work to stand in line at polling places.

In fact, coronavirus or not, vote-by-mail is the surest way to improve participation in our elections; here in Oregon, we've got one of the best voter turnout rates, thanks in no small part to our safe, efficient, effective vote-by-mail process. That's why my colleagues in the Oregon delegation and I have been leading the fight in Congress to pass national vote-by-mail.

There's no time to waste on this one. Add your name to demand Congress step up and protect our democracy by implementing nationwide vote-by-mail.


Posted on April 10, 2020.

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