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My Republican opponent has been busy

Have you seen this?

While I've been working with senior leadership in Congress to fight a global health crisis and ensure our working families have a paycheck, Alek Skarlatos – Donald Trump's hand-picked candidate for this seat – has been playing catch up.

He's got the support of House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, and Senator Ted Cruz. He started raising money for Donald Trump the same day Speaker Pelosi introduced Articles of Impeachment. And he's got the financial backing of the Republican Majority Fund and the National Republican Congressional Committee.

In the past five months, they helped him raise more than $400,000.

The NRCC has already shown that they'll do anything they can to take this seat. In 2020, we'll need to fight harder than ever to stand together and defend our seat in Congress. Let's show them they're no match for our grassroots movement by making a contribution today.

The Republican establishment has cleared the path for Skarlatos because he's pledged fealty to Donald Trump and his worst policies. These include maintaining and extending tax cuts for billionaires and corporations, privatizing health care, and instituting racist voter ID laws.

Out-of-state Republican elite are backing and funding Skarlatos — not Oregon voters or donors. It's no mistake that more than 80% of his campaign contributions come from outside of Oregon. While it's clear that the National Republican Campaign Committee thinks they can manipulate this district, I know that Oregon voters will see through these tactics and won't be bought.

You've always stood by me. That's how we've held this seat, and that's how we can beat our toughest challenge yet.

Chip in now to fuel the fight against the NRCC and their hand-picked Trump loyalist.

In unity,


Posted on May 15, 2020.

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