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I will not let the USPS down. Not now, not ever.

I've been fighting for the United States Postal Service for over a decade now. From mail to prescription drugs to election ballots, our Postal Service provides an essential, affordable, reliable service.

And today, in the midst of a devastating pandemic, the workers of the USPS have shown once again how much our communities count on their courage, competence, and commitment. Their continued service is keeping our country alive.

But even as our country relies on the Postal Service more than ever, it's facing an existential threat.

In 2006, an unreasonable pre-funding mandate was placed on the USPS by the Republican-controlled Congress with the intention of privatizing this critical public service.

The policy change forced the USPS to pre-pay for 75 years' worth of retirement funds of people who do not yet – and may not ever – work for the Postal Service. No other government entity or corporation is required to pre-fund future retiree health benefits.

Last month, I introduced a bill to reverse this ludicrous policy and save the postal service. That bill passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support.

The Postal Service Protection Act fixes the immediate fiscal problem by ending the pre-funding mandate and allowing the Postal Service to recover pension overpayments. It protects six-day delivery – stopping the change to eliminate the Saturday delivery in August. It protects rural post offices. And it generates new ways the Postal Services can generate revenue, by ending the prohibition on providing new products and services.

The privatization of our United States Postal Services cuts hundreds of thousands of jobs and employee benefit cuts. I've heard from small businesses. I've heard from those in rural areas. I've heard from our veterans and rural newspapers. They all say such a change would guarantee their demise.

Millions of Americans, especially our seniors and our veterans, rely on these very services to survive. The middle of a global health pandemic is not a time to get rich. People are dying.

Sign the petition: tell Mitch McConnell "Stop playing games! Fully fund the United States Postal Services immediately."

We should be doing everything within our power to keep our postal service running, especially when we're in a global health pandemic and we're relying on our USPS to bring us our essential groceries and our medication.

Stay safe. We'll get through this.


Posted on May 16, 2020.

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