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We passed a transformative bill yesterday

Great news!

Yesterday, the House passed the Moving Forward Act – the nation's first major infrastructure bill in years.

The bill takes on some of the urgent issues facing our nation: the COVID-19 recession, the climate crisis, systematic and institutional racism, and creating good-paying jobs that help rebuild a more sustainable transportation system and support American manufacturing.

The Moving Forward Act is, quite simply, transformative, and will at last give the green light to address our country's most urgent needs. That includes upgrading school facilities in low-income areas, building modern affordable housing, expanding broadband access to rural areas, and increasing energy efficiency in our outdated public buildings. And it finally authorizes the decades-overdue investment in our nation's crumbling highways.

This work does more than repair what's broken; it directly addresses decades of disinvestment in communities of color, and the environmental racism that has polluted, sickened, and devastated Black, brown, and low-income neighborhoods.

Plus, the bill kicks off the Green New Deal. In fact, Mitch McConnell called my bill a "cousin to the Green New Deal".

These projects cut our carbon emissions substantially and encourage renewable energy development, paving the way for the clean energy future of our planet – and our economy – needs.

Here's how you know that the Moving Forward Act will advance our bold, green vision for the United States: Congressional Republicans have already begun whining that the bill doesn't compromise enough with special interests and industrial polluters.

The Moving Forward Act will revitalize our country's infrastructure and create family-wage jobs, as well as promote our commitment to social and environmental justice. I was thrilled to see it pass the House yesterday, and I will do everything in my power to urge the Senate to do the same.



Posted on July 3, 2020.

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