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[SIGN] Less politics. More testing. Now.

It's a painful reality: while the whole world is struggling to contain the novel coronavirus, the United States' national response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been an unmitigated disaster.

Our country is leading the world in infections and deaths, and sadly, it doesn't seem like things will improve anytime soon. Not with the inaction of the Trump administration.

The way forward isn't complicated: we need to ramp up testing – dramatically and immediately. Everyone agrees that increased testing is the crucial first step to containment.

Sign the petition and lend your voice: urge Donald Trump to take this seriously, to fund increased testing nationwide right now!

Watching the pandemic ravage our country and destroy families breaks my heart. But it also makes my blood boil because it shouldn't be this way.

These failures start at the top, with Donald Trump and his administration. They dismissed the virus as a hoax, denied its impact, alternately lied about and disparaged widespread testing, encouraged mass gatherings, dismissed using masks, and even now are still trying to convince people that it will just go away. Meanwhile, over 130,000 Americans have died, and we're seeing record numbers of infections each day.

Trump's response? He's proposed cutting funding for testing centers.

That's disgraceful and it's outright wrong! Add your name to tell Donald Trump, "Don't cut funding for COVID testing!"

So far, the U.S. response to the pandemic has all been driven by Trump's ego; he's said – out loud and with no shame – that he doesn't want to increase testing, because the results make him look bad.

We'll vote Trump out in the fall. But we can't wait until then to improve and expand our country's COVID testing systems.

Sign the petition. Tell Donald Trump to increase funding for COVID testing – now.


Posted on July 9, 2020.

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