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Sign the petition: end federal police attacks on our streets

This is a test.

Donald Trump's attacks on peaceful protesters is a test of our nation's principles.

Since the start of his presidency, Trump has conducted an endless assault on the pillars of our democracy, our community values, and even our basic human decency. Congressional Republicans have enabled his behavior every step of the way.

Our Constitution protects the right to dissent because the framers knew that in our democracy, protesting the actions of an unjust government isn't a choice. It's part of our duty to our country and our community.

In Portland, thousands of people – mothers, fathers, nurses, teachers, grandparents, business owners, children – are showing up nightly to do our moral and civic duty. The president who swore an oath to defend the Constitution has ordered federal agents to attack us and violate our rights under the Constitution.

This stops with us. Sign the petition to tell Trump that his brutal tyranny has no place in our country!

Donald Trump – with the help of an unprincipled administration and fawning, fearful Congressional Republicans – has done everything he can to keep us from meeting these challenges. And sometimes he's succeeded.

Now, he's sending unidentified federal agents to American cities to beat and gas peaceful demonstrators, snatch innocent citizens from the street and throw them into unmarked vans, and violate their constitutional rights.

He's crossed a line.

Trump's viciousness represents the sort of dictatorship our movement – and our nation – is meant to defeat.

Are you with us? Add your name: step up, speak up, stand together, and demand an end to Trump's totalitarianism in America.


Posted on July 25, 2020.

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