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Withdrawing essential services. During a pandemic.

The far right will do anything to make a quick buck for their corporate pals, no matter who suffers. For nearly a decade and a half, the United States Postal Service has been suffering under an absurd "pre-funding mandate" – a poison pill concocted by a Republican-led Congress.

Now, with our postal service struggling, Donald Trump went all in on attacks against the Postal Service and Mitch McConnell has refused to call a vote on my bill that would save nearly 600,000 American jobs.

I have always fought to protect the USPS, and now it's more critical than ever. Millions of Americans, especially our seniors and our veterans, rely on critical deliveries from the USPS: Social Security, prescription drugs, and mail-in ballots. It's never acceptable to withdraw essential services, but it's outright monstrous to do so in the middle of a global health pandemic. People are dying.

Now it's time for Congress to step and save the United States Postal Service.

Demand Congress save the USPS.

Make no mistake: Republicans in Congress burdened the USPS with this mandate because they wanted to weigh the post office down, then point to the struggle as evidence that we should hand our mail service over to massive corporations with dollar signs in their eyes.

The cynical, outdated mandates on the United States Postal Service threaten hundreds of thousands of jobs and employee benefit cuts. I've heard from small businesses. I've heard from those in rural areas. I've heard from our veterans and rural newspapers. Every single one agrees: the loss of the post office would devastate their communities.

We won't let Donald Trump undermine the USPS and abandon working families. Sign the petition and demand Congress save the Postal Service.


Posted on July 29, 2020.

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