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Congress must investigate before more people die [Sign the petition]

Kids jailed in cages. Families separated. Close quarters that allow the spread of infection and sickness.

How can it get worse? COVID-19.

Rather than actually do something productive to stem the virus' spread – like not cramming innocent people into detention camps – ICE is carelessly putting people in their custody in contact with poisonous disinfectant chemicals.

Add your name to demand an immediate investigation into the COVID-19 response in ICE detention facilities.

The result? Not just bad skin reactions. Increased long term health problems from breathing unsafe chemicals nonstop.

Once again, this administration has shown that there is no action too cruel and no abuse of power too extreme for Donald Trump.

We must raise our voices against these abuses. Congress must hold him accountable and must do it now.

Sign the petition: Urge Congress to investigate the COVID-19 response in ICE detention facilities.


Posted on August 2, 2020.

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