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Young Guns vs Grassroots

I've told you some about House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Trump Jr., Ted Cruz, and others hitting up their wealthy donors on behalf of my opponent. Well, they've made it official.

The National Republican Congressional Committee just moved Alek Skarlatos to the top tier of their "Young Guns" program.

Chip in now to show the GOP that their 'guns' don't scare us.

Putting Skarlatos on the Young Guns list means that Trump and his pals are making our race a top priority. They plan to spend BIG in Oregon. They're pointing the full power of the national Republican fundraising machine at Oregon so that they can put a Trump loyalist into this seat. They know that I am holding the President accountable.

We don't have a long line of millionaires waiting to fund our movement because our movement is funded by you! We have built a grassroots group of change makers, and activists that are ready to fight for Oregon values.

This kind of movement is built on a foundation of trust and respect.

This kind of movement is put together over time by fighting for working Oregonians, every day.

The kind of movement is powered by neighbors, families, friends, coworkers, and communities standing together to demand the government we deserve.

That's our movement. And I'm damn proud to be a part of it.

Big donations aren't going to stop us! Chip in now to help us fuel the fight!


Posted on August 27, 2020.

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