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It sure looks like he wants the Postal Service to fail...

Barely two months have passed since Donald Trump rewarded Republican mega-donor Louis DeJoy by appointing him Postmaster General.

In that short time, DeJoy has already taken unmistakable steps to sabotage the US Postal Service, including cutting overtime pay, instructing postal workers to leave mail at distribution centers for an extra day if they're running late, and instituting a hiring freeze while also encouraging experienced workers to retire.

Last month, he held his own "Friday Night Massacre" when he fired the accomplished managers overseeing USPS day-to-day operations and reassigned nearly two dozen others.

He can't stay. Add your name to tell the next president to remove DeJoy on Day One.

Join me. Together, we're going to save the USPS.

The USPS is a critical service for seniors, veterans, low-income communities, BIPOC, and millions of Americans who rely on a functioning Postal Service to deliver their medications and essential goods.

Yet, it sure looks like DeJoy wants the US to fail.


Well, for one thing, privatizing the USPS and selling it off to wealthy investors has been a Republican goal for decades.

For another, DeJoy owns more than $30 million in stock in USPS contractors and direct competitors. Maybe that has something to do with it, too.

Or maybe it's because, like all of this president's appointees, DeJoy has the only qualification that matters to Donald Trump: unwavering devotion to Donald Trump. In fact, DeJoy has such allegiance that he donated $1.2 million dollars to the Trump Victory Fund.

Both Trump and DeJoy know that this election will hinge on people's access to vote-by-mail. So they didn't hesitate to take the most destructive, cynical step they could: sabotaging the USPS – slowing down the mail service to delay ballots and block vote-by-mail. It's a dirty move and a blatant attack on our rights and democracy itself.

They've made it clear for us. We must remove Trump this November. Sign the petition to make sure we fire DeJoy along with his boss.


Posted on September 2, 2020.

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