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I'm pledging to match the first $5,000 to this group of organizations supporting families hurt by the wildfires.

I'm home in Springfield, near the devastating fires in Southwest Oregon. I'm supporting first responders on the ground and working with Governor Brown to marshal resources to the state and impacted individuals and homeowners. In the coming days and weeks, I will be working with state, local, and federal officials to secure disaster funding to help communities rebuild.

Our friends, families and neighbors need our support, which is why I'm calling on you to join me.

Our team has identified seven organizations working on the front lines, providing critical relief to families displaced by the fires. It's so important we step up to make sure these organizations have the resources they need to support our communities through this truly awful time. That's why my campaign will match the first $5,000 in donations to this group.

Chip in now!

Chip in now!

Times like this show the true value of our authentic grassroots movement. It's not about winning elections or opportunistic political posturing; we've come together to make sure working families have a team to count on – especially in a crisis.

Every time folks have needed us, we've stepped up to fight for what's right and to make sure the folks who need us know that we've got their back.

It's our time once again. Please contribute now, and let's show the world what a true grassroots movement does when people need help.

I'll stay in touch with information from the ground, updates on my work to make sure the federal government is doing everything it can to support Oregonians, and opportunities for you to pitch in.

Stay safe.


Posted on September 10, 2020.

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